How The Youth Will Shape India - Arun Maira

Arun Maira of BCG India is a much respected person and his ideas for India and her development can be heard at almost all the forums that he graces. I have read his book Remaking India: One Country, One Destiny. In his book he draws upon his experiences at Tata Motors and Little Arthur to give us insights. Today I read his article How the Youth will shape India" in Economic Times.

The beauty of experience and knowledge is that it helps a person explain even the most complex of issues in minimum words, using even lesser jargon.

We are all aware that Indians are being mentioned in almost all lists of rich individuals and companies. The purchasing power of the middle class and all classes above has increased and is increasing. Providing a stark contrast is an even larger chunk of population that lives at sustenance or below sustenance levels of poverty. For all this noise about equitable growth and demographic dividend, the following figures do send shivers down the spine of any person concerned about our India’s future.

"India has 20% of the world’s children : but it also has 40% of the world’s malnourished children. Since 45% of Indian children (a number higher than most African countries) are malnourished and likely to grow up with health issues later in life, and since over 50% of Indian children do not have an adequate education, a large proportion of Indian children are unlikely to be the productive assets they are presumed to be in those estimates."

Maira gives examples of Mahatma Gandhi, Gordon Gecko (of the movie Wall Street) and Guru (the character of Abhishek Bachan in the Mani Ratnam Movie of the same name) and asks us - the youth – which one of them would we emulate in our lives. Do read the article here.


  1. you mean "Do read the article HERE


  2. That's correct. Just wanted to check who is reading intently.

  3. dear frind,,

    can't still understand ur position on the godra riots even the whole world has their own opininon. and is sad to see that ur still will the butchers of godra...how many facts u need to understadn ur self., and about the link which you had given to deface mr mander he's the man who always write on harsh, he even had written a book on him funded by RSS.. don't you know that..and sorry to add here. there are lot of sites written a lot about harsh work..please put that too and let people decide...you will be only understand the pain of a person who lost it ...only when it affect youin the same..(but praying to god not to happen to you).. and for your information i hear that harsh's working for the 84 riots victims.........

  4. Hi Rafi,

    I am sorry but you actually did not get the point I was trying to make. I will take it as a shortfall in my writing skills. I, in fact, support Mr Harsh Mander. The reason for giving the link was that no one should come back and tell me that Mr Harsh has been accused of something - I already have read about it and so can others and let them decide.

    If you ask for my opinion I am on the side of justice. Would request you to re-read the post :)

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    it was not out of anger or frustation, it was only a disagreemnt about the link u provided, it's a kind of nasty thing.... n the good thing is that hars never wrote anything aganist the so called man not even for once.... happy to hear ur good side..in fact he's the only one who still works for the victims in gujrat after the so called 6 six years..how many so called social workers are left there for the same?......

  6. Very true. And frankly speaking, it is people like him who still are the reason for the hope we have.

  7. @ Rafi... hey what about the Butchers from Kashmir... and what about the butchers in Pakistan????...what about the butchers in Bangladesh who have massacared 100000 times more people than those in Godhra...why dont u give examples from them...?