I Need My Space

I was walking towards a grocery, in the evening, near my house to buy some stuff when I saw a couple sleeping on the footpath. Normally, when I pass a person sleeping on the pavement or on the divider or at a bus stand, I give it a thought for 10-15 seconds - thinking about "How can he sleep in such a noise and heat", "When did he sleep and when will he wake up", "What if he turns or tosses and falls right in front of a speeding vehicle". This picture brought some other things too to my mind. It brought the thought of "private space" to my mind. We talk about having our own space unhindered by others, untouched even by our parents. This couple sleeping on the pavement were dressed the way you would expect people sleeping on the pavement to be. They were sleeping really close to each other - as a couple would sleep. People were passing by without noticing or may be they were seeing it from the corner of their eye. I am not sure what would private space mean to them - of course if they can even remotely connect to the concept.

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