People who know well know that my thoughts go in random directions. I mean really random. Today I had one such random thoughts while I was leaving home.

"Hey Aishwarya, I will be leaving Hyderabad for Bangalore", said my neighbour to me as I was locking the door to go to office. "Oh ok. We should stay in touch. Nice meeting you", I responded. We exchanged email addresses and went in our directions. Since I met him only a couple of days ago, I thought it would be nice to meet over lunch or dinner and talk life. I am that kind. I talk a lot.

Anyways, so I remembered, meeting over food is so full of details that we in cities have come up with an alternative. What we do now is, "Meet over a couple of beers". You know it. You get it all the time - does not matter if you don't drink or worse don't drink beer but prefer other drinks.  I thought it would be nice to meet over a "couple of beers" except that I do not drink. Does that mean, we the cool non-alcohol-drinking ones cannot meet people? I am sure the purpose of meeting over beer is not to get sloshed and go home drunk. The same can be done with milk and juices right!

Can I not just call some friends over and say "Hey guys, my place today evening, let us meet over a couple of Tropicanas and Reals. For the puritans, you can bring over Saint juice since that is the way God wanted it to be". For those with a penchant for milk, you have choices of Full Cream, Toned and Double Toned. Let me go a step further, why does it have to be "Bring Your Own Booze". I would have a "Bring Your Own Jooze (Juice)" get together. Fruits on the house! First thing I need to do is create a wikipedia entry for BYOJ to give my idea more legitimacy.

Then we can get down to socializing and sip on our orange, mango, strawberry juices drinking what we want the way God wanted it! So where is the party tonight and by the way BYOJ!


  1. The trend in modern society is to lubricate socializing with a drink or two. It is said to lower inhibitions, and make you feel relaxed. Why can we not be relaxed or uninhibited without a drink? Moreover, the facts are that judgement, problem solving and decision making are seriously impaired after a "couple of drinks." Nice post, brother. Glad to have come across your blog.

  2. Thank you Subhorup. Glad that you liked my writing.

    This one was a weird post but nice to see someone thinks on similar lines :)