बुरा मत करो और बुरा मत सुनो !

At first, any person looking at this piece of "Writing on the Wall" would know the purpose. This edict seeks to desist, without any success, people from subjecting the wall to extreme climatic fluctuations. Sorry ! Plainly speaking, to stop any literate human from making the wall witness some of the worst nightmares of human anatomy. I am inclined to think that even an illiterate person would know what is the objective of these hieroglyphics. I mean "DONT", "URINE", "PASS", "HEAR" in such large fonts you can be sure it is asking to stop watering the weeds near the wall.

But let us say you choose to take a snap of such a sight. Then you start seeing the possibilities opening up. A few that I could think of:

1. A message written by the peeing community for the cribbing ones - Do not hear the sound of peeing when you pass by. "DONT URINE PASS HEAR"

2. A message written by the peeing community for the cribbing ones - Listen you guys, We are passing urine and you can HEAR for yourself. "DONT URINE PASS HEAR

3. A message written by the peeing community for their own ilk - Hey guys, the cribbers will crib, you don't listen to them when you are passing urine. "DONT URINE PASS HEAR"

4. A question posed to all passers by a person who was peeing but ended up surrounded by his own nectar - Hey guys, I thought there was some outlet here, but looks like it is all getting accumulated. "DONT URINE PASS HERE"

I am thinking of some more, but they are too far fetched and I do not want people to think that I wrote this just to gain some cheap popularity. Oh crap! my motive is out in the open. Anyway...

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