अपना अपना Solitary Cell

Watched हज़ार चौरासी की माँ । A movie by Govind Nihalani with the 1970s Naxal 'awakening', which started with Naxalbari, as a backdrop. An art movie in the true sense. If you are looking for the nouveau genre of movies with an art-bend, well you are in for a huge disappointment. In my opinion one cannot take this movie in while watching it. I think one just watches it and then the movie works in the back of your mind. Do not expect to finish the movie with a refreshing moral in the end; not because there is none ( Also I am not saying "there is" one); but trying to rush to a lesson will only put you in the category of the other so called masses looking for serious cinema.

So my thought - Watch the movie and just let is work !!

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