Denial of Education is a crime

All this talk about India Shining, - God, I just cannot stop using this phrase ever since I discovered that it represents not an exultation of arrival, but a Pandora's box of glaring paradoxes kept in wraps - has really not taken into account the people below the detection range of our politicians and economists' radars.

It is high time that the governments, at the centre and states, took serious note of its primary responsibilities apart from the usual toppling of state governments and paying lip service to lofty ideals.

Education starting from the primary level right upto the research - it cannot be the prerogative of the select group of people who can afford it; education is a necessity and hence automatically translates to a fundamental right; but with education I do not necessarily mean the pedagogy which leads to IT jobs et al

A good holitistic education till 12th gives a person enough perspective to decide how he/she wants to chart his/her future course.

Parents -majorly, though not entirely - from the poor class, give birth to a dangerously large number of kids in their quest for the male child or to ensure enough helping hands or even due to sheet ignorance of simple tenets of family planning. Ironically, women in lower castes, who work for a living as maids, labourers; get paid lesser than their male counterparts; they are expected to act as reproductive machines.

Government should formulate a carrot and stick policy, when it takes up the responsibility of the youngsters' education in partnership with their parents' Government alone cannot and should not be held responsible for the irresponsible whims and ignorance of parents' and neither should it shirk from its duty to provide a minimum level of education to all its citizens.

It is fortunate as well as unfortunate that many ills in India are connected intricately. Unfortunate because it can be really overwhelming esp with a large swathe of our polity experienced only in vote bank politics; Fortunate because even one good push can roll the rock down the hill; on its way down it will collect other rocks and before we know a huge boulder of the ill plaguing our country will plunge into the deep sea, for good.

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