Service to rate a service - What say ?

"Is there anything that you expect in terms of services and you are not getting", this was pretty much the question that I was asked by my friend today. At first it seemed really vague and I was ashamed too for sometime; considering I was totally blank. My mind was tempted to wander and discuss that larger implications of this vacuous feeling; but I knew too much of "thinking blog style "is bad :-).

Anyway so I did dig up some genuine answers but I knew this question was more rhetorical so basically I was supposed to ask my friend "Have you expected something in terms of services and found yourself wanting"; that was the cue and he put forth the idea that was fermenting in his mind.

According to him; there was a lack of some kind of service which rates the services. e.g. he went to a hospital and was fleeced not because they charged him a lot, which they actually did, but because the service was not commensurate with the money he was charged. To come to the larger point, let us say a newcomer to Hyderabad wants to buy a TV to kill boredom in his new rented flat. Is there an offering in any media - print, tv, mobile, web - which can inform him on the electronic stores in this neighborhood; quality of after sales service, discounts/freebies if any, hidden costs etc. Once the TV is in or before that, our new guy in town wants to eat, obviously. Now he just wants food which does not have the usual ills of hotel food - spices, oil being the usual suspects- can he just access this service and put in a few key parameters which balance exhaustiveness and informativeness. Categories have sub categories. A lot of options but minimum clutter. Do we have a service offering of this sort currently. There is something called MetroMela which I myself have not checked out much but which, I think, intends to do what I am talking about.

This idea sounds to simple to have remained unexploited so long, but I cannot recall any such service available in India, currently. Do comment and let me know, if such services do exist.

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