Only you can help form your opinion.

I was reading this article in Hindu

Robert Jenson's visit to Pakistan for some official work coincided with the hold up of Lal Masjid.
That and his company with two learned people helped him get the other side of the story, a story which unless dug for does not show itself.

The Lal Masjid issue is something of its own; but in this article I see a greater malaise afflicting the media as such and a vulnerability that the masses are facing.

I used to read on politicians owning newspapers and other media and the thinkers worrying about their ability to mould the opinion of the masses. I always thought "Cmon, we cannot be so naive, as to know who owns this newspaper or channel and not be aware of the propaganda being floated around on them". But a few incidents have indeed cleared my apprehensions. The most quoted being, "Iraq holding WMDs". It was never true but at the time when the American President was shouting war cries, with Tony Blair in tow, all of the media took the claims of the President to be true, except for a few, Washington Post being one of them (if I am not mistaken).

Similarly, in the case of Lal Masjid. Not discounting the extremist angle, it does help to have a look at the other aspects too.

Another example is the case of fake encounters. Even though I am ambivalent when it comes to human rights of hardened criminals, I do not support the killing of innocent people. With the state machinery in the hands of the politicians, it is their idiosyncrasy, as to who should be branded a terrorist and who should be given a ticket for the election.

My lesson, anything that you read; use them to form a perspective not an opinion.
Only you can help form your opinion.

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