Libya and Kurukshetra

Picture Courtesy: The Hindu
Gaddafi is dead and how! Some say it is Karma. Quite possible. One of the articles about his death had an interesting comment. The reader compared the treatment meted out to Gaddafi with an incident in Mahabharata  - when Bhima kicks Duryodhana on his head after the latter has fallen to the ground being a dealt a blow, which though fatal was against the rules of engagement. Looking up on the internet I found scores of interpretations of this incident - am talking about Duryodhana not Gaddafi. It is amazing to see the kind of polarized views people have of an incident which is part of an epic that many of us even doubt had occurred. One of the most believable, I thought, was this one.

Now if I have to take the analogy one step further, if Duryodhana is Gadaddi, who is Krishna? I think it is the NATO. Who are the Pandavas - the NTC I guess. Sirte is Samantpanchaka. Russia is Balarama in this sequel.

If the tumultuous history of India after Mahabharata is anything to go by, Libya's hard days have just started. It is only selective memory which can help forget Iraq, which is being vacated by the way, and Afghanistan.

But the most important question is, 'What is Dharma?' Was Dharma at the time of Mahabharata the same as it today? Gadaffi's fate is adequately explained by Karma but leaves a big question when you try Dharma. I guess even after thousands of years, the question of Dharma still looms large.


  1. Dharma in this case is the OIL. Whoever has oil and can't give it to people who need the most(USA in this case) in the "needy" will face the fate of Kauravas. Krishna is none other than US.

  2. Niranjan. You have put it right. But it is sad that Adharma has become Dharma and is now being strutted about as normal.

  3. It is essential for right thinking people to stand up and make their voices heard and presence felt (like you are doing) because the adharma is really the result of our greed. It is not a "them" any more, even though it feels good to point a finger at NATO, or Wall Street or the Gang of Four. Greed has been legitimized, and the only way you and I can restore balance to our value system is through spreading the word, through your writing, and by living ethical lives that others can model their lives on. Very uplifting post, brother, keep the faith!

  4. Thanks again Subhorup. Just putting my thoughts online and seeing if it finds resonance.

    Keep reading!