What is good for us?

Almost everyday we hear of China completing projects with the same speed at which MPs in our country rush to the well of the Parliament. Be it completing the first railway line to Tibet or building the Three Gorges Dam or something as recent as deploying an army of Janitors; In India we have examples of the jinxed Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway, the mothballed Enron project or the Iran Pakistan India pipeline.

My query is: What is lacking in our current leadership OR is it something in the Chinese leadership that has gone amiss?

PS: I am already expecting replies on the lines of - "You do not talk about the Delhi Metro Rail or the Golden Quadrilateral" or "You do not talk about summary trials and execution of offenders in China".


  1. Its not lack of leadership dude ,
    its about too many leaders.
    Anyway we can boast about our democracy which allows us to get away with anything..In any case remeber USSR ?, it had all the biggest projects you can imagine right ?

  2. :-). I agree Vishwas Sir. I was just searching for an answer and I think I realize that there is no one answer. What is good for China may not work for us. About our leadership - yes, it is about too many leaders but looking at any which way - there is a very small percentage of this lot which has an ideology. The ideology in itself may not be acceptable to all but it should be unwavering (not obstinate though)

  3. SO CPI has a ideology . So they have withdrawn support.And look at this

    your comments ?

  4. Sir, even before I read that post - which I surely will - let me tell you that CPI has not entered parliament by barging its way inside the house. It has been sent there by a sizeable number of consituencies - I did not use the word "people" instead of constituencies because in the Indian system of First Past the Post method, a lot of undeserving candidates get inside. So the point is you get the kind of leader you choose :-)

  5. I do agree to your viewpoint Ash.
    India is seriously lagging behind in major Infrastructural projects which are in the public space i.e funded or backed by the govt. A few exceptions like the DMRC . golden quad can't be the rule.

    I think the problem lies with lack of a visionay leader or leaders in general. We do have quite a few good leaders, but they are too busy solving day to day issues that they can't think of a bigger time frame.

    Gone are those Nehru days when steel plants and IITs were born out of the ideas of one person. God only knows where our country is headed. There are lot of things we talk, but very little action on the ground.