MVI- Scorching the surface of Human mindlessness

Mal Visarjan Interviewing --मल वीसर्जन इन्तेर्विएव
Next Gen Interview Methodology

Move over 360 degree evaluation and "36 ways to scrore in that interview", move in MVI. This cutting edge interview methodology has everyone swooning and going gaga. HR personnel swear by its ability to shorten interview time spans and the interviewees see this as a magic pill that can help them kick, rather bloody, any ass in any interview. This path breaking discovery was stumbled upon by serial orator SN during one his sojourns in his deep thoughts.

People close to SN have given details on this currently-under-wraps methodology on strict conditions of anonymity. One of his co-workers was so highly impressed with the simple yet razor sharp method that he vowed to incorporate it in his next job interview or appraisal interview, whichever comes first.

A sneak peek into this methodology. Please remember that you have read this first here in PJ times - always striving to bring the state of the art and top of the line research into personality related (dis)orders. Getting down to MVI, SN has drawn parallel with the perennial act of the human body getting rid of unwanted stuff from the body. There is a sub class to the defecating process called Mal Visarjan. This involves the dumping of Mal (different from Maal which is another word for Mal) in a gushing manner. The process does not involve energy consumption from outside the system; which means an effortless disposal of garbage. Another sine qua non for Mal Visarjan is that at the end of the process, the system should have Zero mass. The closest analogy to this MV can be the well known phenomenon of Impulse in Physics; wherein a considerable amount of force is used on a body for a short amount of time. There are some process improvements suggested like the precise placement of the unwanted material in the water hole. This ensures that a successful implmentation of MVI princeple will flush the person into the company mainstream with minimum time lag.

MVI comes as another example of exemplary intellectual capabilites displayed by Indians right from Aryabhatta to Abul Kalam and now SN. A matter of pride for Indians, indeed.

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