What I am doing this Diwali & how you can help me

If you are not interested in reading, I do understand, go straight to the details.

Everyone who is reading this, most of my friends know, the light bulb in my head lights up mostly when I am in the bathroom. Don't ask me, I have not idea what are the connections. Anyway, so this is what I hit upon. We all do all sorts of stuff during Diwali. With most of us reaping the dividends of liberalization and I am not discounting the hard work, we also want to share our joys with those not as privileged financially as us. In fact many NGOs are goading people to "light up someone's life this Diwali". I think its brilliant and this is how I am going to do it. I am going to invest in Rang De.......along with you my friends. Gotcha!

What is Rang De? If you want to go for the longer version, here you go. In short, Rang De helps you gives loans staring from Rs. 100 to micro-enterprenuers who use it for income-generating activities like cycle  repair shop, buying a goat, augmenting a corner grocery store. Remember, these are loans and are repaid with interest by the borrower.

Before anything, let me tell you if you have already invested in Rang De even once, the only way you can help me is by spreading this word. The people whose participation I ask for are those who are not yet registered with Rang De. I want you - my not-yet-registered-on-RangDe-friends - to register on Rang De and make a SOCIAL INVESTMENT of Rs 100. THAT IS ALL. For every friend who does this, I will match it with another Rs 100 - up to a total of Rs. 10,000. Yes that is right

This Diwali, I will match a social investment of Rs 100 with Rs 100 for 100 new investors on Rang De 

Now, I know, all these words get confusing so here is exactly what you need to do if you wish you help "brighten someone's life".

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