Such is life!

Time and again I tend to go back to thinking about the "politicians" in our country. I am fully aware that every time the word is mentioned most of us develop a feeling of skepticism, cynicism, suspicion and despair. I include myself in that majority, though I would like to believe that I am more reasonable.

There are umpteen instances of capricious politicians - in power or otherwise - taking steps that do not display a hint of cerebrality. Be it diverting much-needed funds towards unimportant projects or ensuring that a child rescued from child labour actually gets to study. Be it giving cows to farmers suffering in Vidharba or fighting over reservation for women in Parliament just to install a proxy in the ladies' place - without generalising.

Another example is the closing down of dance bars in Maharashtra. Indiatogether features a book excerpt - Karma Sutra: Essays from the Margin by Rajendar Menen - based on the lives of dance girls.

The candidness of the girls brings us face to face to with the hardships of life. Citing moral reasons the government has pushed these girls towards a greater moral/physical hazard - prostitution. I am not a supporter of bar girls but I do oppose the move to impose restrictions which are nothing but decisions that have not been thought through.

Which brings us to the question of how should our leaders be elected and are there ways to stop them handing down populist and at times purely whimsical fait accompli?

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