The Positive Side

At my age, I generally try to view things in an optimistic light - seeing the glass half full always, even if it is empty :-). So when a close friend of mine is leaving, I tried to create a list of things that would change for the better with him not around. Let us see the list:

1. No more pestering, endlessly and without success, to accompany to places
2. No more inhaling of cigarette fumes
3. No more coffees without reason
4. No more silly jokes to laugh at
5. No more calorie-laden garlic breads
6. No more listening to UP-bashing
7. No more being the butt of jokes mentioned in point (4). Now you know why I cannot laugh at those silly jokes - they are directed at me.
8. No more barrage of links to obscure sites that remained as vestiges of the Y2K downturn
9. No more of those table tennis matches with close shaves - where we throw away matches from a point of winning
10. No more of those "chindi" table tennis shots that frustrate the opponent
11. No more of those not-translate-able-to-hindi Marathi sayings and anecdotes

Just when I was thinking the list is over, comes

12. No more Bandwidth Hogging

Wait, but aren't these the same things that we are going to miss you for, Vishwas. Have a great life and let us get together soon. Till then, just chant the mantra that will save the world from destruction and the human race from extinction - "Wassssssssssssaaaaa"


  1. ati uttam.....bhai..aaj meri taraf se 5 rs ka inaam ghoshit kiya jayega...yeah chindi shots r the missin one....really this from all of us..wl share the same feeling....good one bhai..tareef ke kabil....aaj tumne mere room mate hone ka uchit parichay diya hain....:)
    i wl really miss those really gr8 time we spent during outstanding...and shared the most wittiest and shitiest words of all....Mr.bade bhaiyan...wl all miss u .... :)enjy.........the kayanaat of pune.. ;)