Get out of that box !!

"The heat that you face when you are out of your comfort zone is from the fire that will be required to melt the tar used to lay the road for your journey ahead."

I admit, like many people who blog, even I crave for a rock star starting for each of my blog posts. I do not get them often but I realize that most of the times that I do get it right, is when I am truly inspired to write. This captures a part of what I am going to write.

I have just finished reading one of the best interviews I have come across in recent times - Brad Bird's interview in McKinsey Quarterly. I am, in general, wary of interviews on business / finance / economics / strategy / innovation websites. They tend to get the point across by using a lot of jargon. One thing that attracted me to this one was that it was the Director of Pixar - an organization respected for its creativity - talking.

I would recommend everyone to read this interview. A few highlights:

1. Brad uses very simple language - almost zero jargon and speaks from rich experience.
2. He is a director at Pixar - a part management and fully innovation oriented position. A lot of stress is laid on human side of affairs as compared to hard statistics.
3. Recommends the 'malcontents' in a an organization - people who think differently are, many a times, the ones who find the solution to difficult problems - the jargon is destructive innovation.
4. Points out that complacency should be kept at bay
5. Stresses the need to get everyone to speak their mind.
6. If you are a leader in a field, it is your duty to NOT to play it safe.
7. The best people are those who never tire of learning and improvising

He quotes Walt Disney "I do not make movies to make money - I make money to make movies". A good collection of anecdotes too. Must read it.

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  1. thanx buddy...really an inspiring interview...