C K Prahlad's speech at CII's India @ 75 conclave and an article by Dani Rodrik

My dad called me up and asked me "Who is C K Prahlad?". 15-18 years back the question would have meant "What is C K Prahlad's remark doing in your school diary?" - but that was then. This is now. I am, supposedly more knowledgeable and am able to reply to my dad's queries on an equal footing. But my dad is my dad. He knows I am not good at definition related questions. Which means, I can explain very nicely what is C K Prahlad's Bottom of the Pyramid theory and can also pepper my explanation with pretty examples.But he knows that I know. So he will ask questions like "Who is C K Prahlad?". I said "He is an economist". I knew I was wrong but was trying to ward off the first bout of attack. For the correct answer please consult Google.

My dad had the day's newspaper in hand and spent the next 10 minutes reading from it. Truly speaking, it is very irritating to be cornered like this, but believe me the information I receive stays with me. The reason for the question that day was CKP's speech at CII's India @ 75 meet. I searched a lot for the speech and found some kind soul had summarized it on his blog. Here is the link. Read it. CKP may not be an economist but he is good.

In light of Prahlad's views of improving the governance of a country
before it can tread on the path to success, I read blog post by T T Ram
who is a professor at IIM-A. I came across an excellent article
by Dani Rodrik stating "As a rule, broad governance is neither
necessary nor sufficient for growth". Find the article here.

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