We will not be asked about what we didn't know ...

... but we will be asked about what we chose not to know. After watching "No Fire Zone", a documentary chronicling the war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan armed forces against Tamil civilians, leaves one in a very disturbed state of mind. 

Some of us may remember that not very long back, there was a hue and cry about the CHOGM being held in Colombo. More importantly, the debate was about whether our dear Prime Minister, whose image is as clean as a black slate, should attend the meeting. Instead of taking a principled stand, he showed yet again that he considers politics to be a card game and the only way to win is to keep quite and wait until someone else picks one of the cards and puts down for him. He did end up on going but the lack of a principled stand nullified any message that he wanted to send, of course if he had one.
Coming back to the documentary, it shows how starting from the first to the final day of the offensive, the government forces willfully broke every rule of engagement and targeted innocent civilians. Scared cries of young children portray a very chilling picture which cannot be easily forgotten. In the later part of the documentary, we witness some stomach churning scenes of suspected LTTE soldiers being executed. There is clear documented evidence of gruesome acts of sexual violence against women which leaves one wondering if the army that is meant to protect people was actually sent to ravage them. If you wish to read more about this issue, this Frontline piece would be a good place to start.

I came around to seeing this documentary when I read about it being banned for general release in India by the CBFC because it found "most of the visuals are of a disturbing nature and not fit for public exhibition". It is disappointing indeed, to see what our dispensation finds worthy of public exhibition and what it considers unfit.

I think it is very important for each of us to stay informed of what is happening around us, not just in our city, state or country, but even beyond it. Staying informed helps us form opinions on what we consider right or wrong. It helps us form valid arguments when we are discussing our opinions with others. Most importantly, it ensures that we, as humans, rise beyond our mundane cocooned pleasures to understand life from a higher perspective.

Here is a trailer of the documentary. Do watch it unless you CHOOSE not to!

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