The Wednesday Soul

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Let me confess upfront, I am not used to reading 'The Wednesday Soul' kind of fiction. My kind of books are non-fiction. In fact the last book that I reviewed for BlogAdda was a non-fiction. So when I started reading this book, I was take by surprise. The Wednesday Soul is the story of Nyra, Chittr and their lives or after-lives shall I say. Sourabh has created an entire world which peopled with people who die - looks I have inherited some of Sourabh's writing style too after reading the book. The book is a free flowing smooth read. Again, it is one of those books which you can carry on your train journey and finish it before getting down. Of course, when I talk about train journeys, I am talking about going from south to north.

One characteristic of the writing style in the book is the way it portrays life in India, urban life in particular. And then it marries (or tries to marry) this writing and living style of urban youth to the afterlife - something that is faithfully portrayed in the tagline for the book 'the afterlife, with shades'. It is an easy read for someone looking to start reading a book. But not everyone would like this book. The writer you can closest try and compare to is Chetan Bhagat and the comparison will fail when you reach the point of story. Even though both portray urban youth, in case of Sourabh, the youth category is even narrower.

Having said that, I commend Sourabh Pant for writing a non-fiction with an unexpected storyline like that of 'The Wednesday Soul'. The reason I have not written much about the story is because if you want to read the book, then you better not judge it by its story. My final one line - 'If you are going on that train journey and do not want a carry a book beyond the journey and if you are into non-fiction, this is one of the books you can think of'.

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