Conversations with a stranger - I

I am sure many of us get into situations where you get to (or have to) talk to a stranger. I too face such situations many a times. But one of the most frequent has been conversations happening on the Scooty on the way to office or the way back from office. I give lift to people and sometimes the conversations that come out of this act are simply amusing. Take this latest one that I had with a school going boy when I gave him a lift.

Boy (In Telegu): What is this sound coming from under the scooty
Me (Not hearing any sound): There is no sound that I can hear. There is no sound.
Boy: No, I can hear a sound.
Me: Well maybe, this scooty is old. Quite possible.
Boy: How old is this scooty
Me: 10 years old
Boy: That means how many months
Me(doing the 12*10 calculation in my mind): 120 months
Boy: Oh ok. How much is it in weeks?
Me (doing the 52*10 calculation in my mind and not accounting for leap years for brevity) : 520 weeks
Boy: Ok. How many days is it?
Me: (doing the ...365*10...) 3650 days
Boy: Ok so 10 years is 120 months, 520 weeks and 3650 days. Do you know Telegu?
Me: Very less.
Boy: Hmm
Me: Which class are you in?
Boy: V class
Me: Which school
Boy: K V Gachibowli
Me: Is it near the stadium
Boy: I don't know
Me: What is your name
Boy: Hinduvardhan
Me: What?
Boy(spelling it out):  H I N D U V A R D H A N
Me: What does it mean?
Boy: I don't know
Me: You should ask your mother. You should know that your name means.
Boy (obviously returning the favor): What is your name
Me: Aishwarya
Boy: What does it mean?
Me: Prosperity
Boy(By this time he has got down and standing and talking): Pros-per-ity Hmm. How old are you?
Me: 30 years old
Boy: Are you married?
Me: Yes and I have a kid
Boy: Oh! You are lucky! For how long have you been married
Me: around one and a half years...
Boy(doing some mental calulations): And you already have a kid???
Me (smiling): My daughter is 20 days old
Boy: Nice
Me: Ok, now I will go
Boy: Ok bye!

As I speed away, he notices that Army sticker on the back of my scooty and asks me "You...Army?" Already having gone a distance, further explanation is not possible so I say yes and proceed.

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