Growing your own fresh air

For the past week, I have been trying to find out more about indoor plants which can survive in artificial light. I entered my new office a couple of days back and I realized it was bland :( The office was so big that the lack of things showed very clearly. But I was not looking for things in the form of massage chairs and slimming balls (if that is what they are called). I was looking for plants. With the rate at which buildings are cropping up and the sheer number of unused/misused (read spitting and the occasional peeing) nooks and crannies  are being created, we could do with a lot of plants to fill the gap (literally!). In my search I came across a Ted talk by Kamal Meattle titled 'How to grow your own fresh air'. The sheer simplicity is inspiring. Embedding the talk here for everyone. I hope many of us get inspired to turn our buildings into miniature forests.

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