Where in the world is Rajdeep Sardesai?

Of late. people I know speak with a lot of hatred and venom when they talk about the celebrity news anchors (I am not sure journalist is the right word). I do not watch much of TV news but of whatever I do, I feel the TV news channels are waiting for the next "big news". They do not realise that as we speak, every minute an important piece of news is happening across the country.

I find their coverage of important issues leave much to be desired. By important issues I do not mean only events that happen in Delhi and Mumbai or the other big cities of India. India as a country is not yet fully shining - where is the picture of that non-shiny part? Why does there have to be a Bollywood angle to a breaking news?

We give minute to minute updates on what is happening in Karunanidhi's house/office during the negotiations for seats - who is going in, who is going out? Believe me as these things happen, the unstoppable wheels of my country are turning and with every turn they are churning out stories worth knowing - stories that need to be aired.

Why are all these channels depending on sensatinalism and hiding behind the garb of "Public wants it". Well, quite possible. Who is going to change the public's taste?

Not Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt or Sagarika Ghose. Which TV channel covered the atrocities in Chattisgarh reported in Tehelka ? In my next post I will try and analyze a point of view that many people have put forward "Media is another industry out there to make a profit. Why single them out for dereliction of duty - if there is a duty at all"?

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