Social Issues in Business Standard Weekend

What I am doing here could very well have been done on FaceBook but I needed to shrug off my laziness towards writing and get on with some stuff that I have been procrastrinating for long.

Today's Business Standard featured a couple of articles on social issues/people

The main story - Yes, we can?, was about young Indians who were doin some exemplary work in the society. Really worth a read. Make sure you read about Dr Sunitha Krishnan. Her travails before she could bring about change. The artcile also covers the Jaago Re initiative.

The other one was a piece on Reema Nanavaty of SEWA -Threadwork of expression . By the way she is Ela Bhatt's daughter-in-law and an ex-IAS officer.

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  1. I want say that everyone should do such type of social work which inspire others. I am very glad to read about Dr. Sunitha Krishnan.