Workers turn Owners - If you want to go to the moon, you can't go on a bicycle; you need a rocket for it

The concept of people working in a concern and owning it too may not be new. Mom-and-pop shops and the ubiquitous corner-shops are instances that one sees everyday and everywhere. Then came a time when these shops were consolidated and chains were formed. Now chains and individual co-exist - they have their own share of benefits and pitfalls.

This post however talks about entrepreneurship at the Bottom of the Pyramid(link). Magarpatta City is a good example of this start. The owners are the people who owned the land on which Magarpatta City was built. Yes, it is accepted that those farmers did not actually belong to the Bottom of the Pyramid.

I read about an initiative wherein salt-pan workers in Gujarat have started their own private limited company, SABRAS. Read more about it here. Excerpt.

"These workers hold 65 per cent stake in equity and are planning to
raise it to 74 per cent. Of the three directors on board of Sabras, two
are salt pan workers. The remaining 35 per cent in Sabras is held by
Saline Area Vitalization Enterprise (SAVE), a public limited firm."

"Inspired by Sabras project, SAVE now aims to form another company
called Veg-India where primary producers will have majority stake of 74
per cent. The producers of Sosiya village in Gujarat are in the process
of joining hands in Veg-India for selling sweet kesar mangoes."

I view this development as a great way to empower the marginalized or the just-marginalized. You work to generate the profits that accrue back to you. On an actual and psychological level, it gives a sense of ownership to the workers. Waiting for more such developments.

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