Old Practices in Cyber City

We stay in an apartment near the main sewage line. Every week, I see the a mountain of garbage blocking the line. Earlier this was visible clearly from the road but now they have built a wall and a gate so that it is hidden from the public - a clear case of the "ostrich's head in the sand approach". Many people throw the garbage straight into the sewage line. I will not be surprised to find out that the garbage collector in our locality also uses it for garbage disposal.

Coming to the second point. Living in a city that boasts of hosting companies working with high technology, it comes as a stark and sad contrast to see human beings actually getting down into his fellow beings filth to earn a living. Additionally, these workers may not find this work as appalling as we do - considering they are desensitized but we are responsible citizens should understand that it is our duty to goad the authorities into ensuring that all its citizens, and its employees to start with are allowed to earn a living with dignity.

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