What they cannot TEACH you at B Schools

Business Standard comes out with a pullout every tuesday, "Strategist". In these 4 pages (I am also accounting for advertisements :-) ), they talk about management concepts and how companies are applying them in the problems they face. A regular feature in these pages is "WHAT THEY DON`T TEACH YOU AT B-SCHOOL". People who have made a mark in their own way and are mostly B school pass outs; they talk about stuff that does not form part of the curriculum but is nevertheless of importance in corporate life. This article especially impressed me because I could relate with it. Many times, I along with my friends start thinking about problems and their solutions and the solution has a problem and so on......

B school theory subjects cannot teach a person how to think, how to approach issues. Interaction with people - fellow students, mentors, ordinary subjects - does help in cultivating a healthy manner of thinking. Which leads us to the problem of "management grad hubris". They are so overwhelmed and overawed with high knowledge subjects that simple things seem pedestrian to them. This is a trait which should be avoided.

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