Persecution in the name of religion is the greatest (& only) blasphemy

60 years! 60 years since one of the biggest (and bloodiest) migrations in recent human history. 60 years since the violent uprooting of decades old family and neighbourly ties and premanent severence of the umblical cord connecting people with their homes. 60 year old stories of murder, rape, land grabbing. There are some families who escaped to the other side safely- as safe as they could in those days, many who lost some of their loved ones but of whom a few where spared by destiny to tell these stories. There were many which were wiped out in their entirety. Families which had to depend on partition time historians or even the non partition types, to tell their stories. Who can cover stories of lakhs of families, lakhs of families translates into tens of lakhs of individuals and as many trains of emotions of equally varying lengths. Is it possible to narrate even one story capturing its poignancy and regignation. I do not think so !

Killing in the name of religion? If God does exist and if he/she/"anything other than he/she" approves of this killing then God is barbarian. If he does not approve of such killings then killing in the name of God is insanity at the least and blasphemous to go a little further. Killings and rapes(again in the name of God, sic!) are nothing but acts of egotism and ego-satisfaction under the garb of maintaining religious sanctity. The only killing that can be justified is the one done in self-defence. I can here some people justifying communal riots as "acts of self defence".

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  1. Oh..!! It’s extremely disheartening!! I can recollect the portions of the book I finished “Train To Pakistan” which had similar nerve wrecking incidents of bogies of a train full of dead bodies being carried at the time of partition. Several...men women and children were killed, raped and mutilated. I wonder how human beings can commit such heinous acts…slaughtering and murdering against other human beings…The aftermath is even more horrifying with survivors either left to take up antisocial acts due to lack of government support or lack of rehabilitation initiatives…

    I believe all religions teach the same humble notes of brotherhood, peace and love and not killing each other..Religion is a disciplined way of Living. It’s a method to follow a moral, god fearing, and a pious life…Practicing it gives rational composure..!!

    Only a person with serious mental disability can massacre fellows brutally…!!