Living the life that many others just dream of

This article on Livemint really inspires everyone who reads it to leave the drudgery of city life and 'get a life'. I too want to do the same; but as has been said by most of the people profiled here, it requires a lot of many things - planning (financial and emotional), sacrifices, understanding within the family and most of all the GUTS - to start afresh.

Without going much into the details - they normally spoil the fun - I am compelled to think that this "Return to Innocence" (to borrow a phrase) was something waiting to happen considering the frenetic pace of city life. Long hours of commute, running the rat race, irrespective of the fact whether you want to win the race or not, bloated egos, torn between the chasm of generation gap of X(your parents), Y (you), Z(the-yet-to-come ones).

Important: More important than this post is the article I mention. Make it a point to read it.

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