Betrayal of Blood

A few days back I experienced one of the darkest days of my life ! At the same time, it has given me another dose of new resolve. No incident in life is bigger than life itself. I have always held the belief that at no point of time in life can you reach a point of no return ! Life is just too beautiful and too full of possibilities to give up on. Also today I have realised that modernity of thoughts and the steel in resolve is not in plunging yourself into the extremes of freedom but to hold your own; be aware of your vicinity and the people who constitute it; and act in common interests.

I can say unambiguously that 3-4 years ago I was naive -> completely naive. Today I have climbed one more run in the ladder to maturity. I have realized that I have taken birth and have been brought up in a society which requires sacrifice; I am part of a culture which considers parents as a manifestation of God in flesh and bone; I have discovered it is not quite impossible for kids to grow up and forget the same parents who give birth to them and treat them to the best of their capabilities;

Today I have seen a man, a woman, a girl crying for one of theirs-> Today I have witnessed the Betryal of Blood.

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  1. well i dont blog for now... and have restricted my writing skills to comments and testimonials.... but I sure will start it sometime....
    ur writings I percieve is wat u feel and believe in.... it is as if subdued emotions and thoughts are released through these pieces of writings...